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How Sweet it is!



And how sweet it will be!

Don't Miss BHA's special Valentine's Day program

February 14th, 2022, at 6:30 PM, in the Bristol Public Library's Kegley Room.

What’s red and white striped and wonderfully tasty? Made by the Helms Candy Company, it’s their oldest and most delicious “Virginia Beauty” brand of hard stick candy. For more than a century, the Helms family has managed the manufacturing and distribution of a wide assortment of candies and was among the first to mass produce medicated candies. George Frank Helms, Sr. established his company in 1909. He was a civic leader and served in many capacities in the Bristol area. He built a beautiful home in the Holston Historic District of Bristol, Tennessee, on property obtained from Major A.D. Reynolds. Mark your calendars now to hear the story of one of Bristol’s “First Families" next month on the day everyone celebrates candy, Valentine's Day! Mrs. Emerson Williams (Kitty), current owner of the Helms Home, will share this most interesting story including details about the home at the February 14th, 2022, meeting of the Bristol Historical Association to be held at 6:30 PM in the Kegley Room of the Bristol Public Library. What a sweet way to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day!

The Honorable Charles Flannagan passes the gavel to Barbara Smith, BHA's newly elected president, at the December 2021 Christmas Luncheon.  BHA is deeply appreciative of Judge Flannagan's leadership efforts, particularly his guidance during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we look forward to the New Year with great anticipation under Barbara's energetic and enthusiastic direction.

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Welcome to the official web site for the

Bristol Historical Association!

History is told through the buildings and homes in a city. The mission of the Bristol Historical Association is to promote an interest in the history of Bristol. The Bristol Historical Association is dedicated to the identification, preservation, interpretation, and presentation of local history.

Historic Sites.

History is told through the buildings and homes in a city. The Bristol Historical Association  promotes an interest in the history of Bristol by designating properties with historical significance.  A generous contribution from Mr. William W. “Bud” Walling financed the cost of the first twenty-five plaques. Much credit is due to the late Mr Walling for his vital part in the promotion of the Landmark Designation program.


Are you interested in applying for a Landmark Marker for your historical building? If so, please complete the Historical Landmark Marker Application Form. 

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