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Welcome to the official web site for the

Bristol Historical Association!

History is told through the buildings and homes in a city. The mission of the Bristol Historical Association is to promote an interest in the history of Bristol. The Bristol Historical Association is dedicated to the identification, preservation, interpretation, and presentation of local history.

Current BHA Exhibit on Display at Bristol Public Library

BHA's current library exhibit is worthy of a "Meowseum!"  Entitled "A World of Cats," this collection of cats curated from around the globe celebrates the favored feline, and its subjects are featured in all manner of “cattitudes,” from regal to comical.  
Cats have been a historical focus for thousands of years – worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt, esteemed as muses for artists throughout the ages, valued as pest exterminators by farmers, and beloved as pets by their owners (aka servants) worldwide. Explore the many incarnations of the cat from various countries including England, Denmark, Japan, Germany, China, Russia, and, of course, the United States.  Learn interesting and sometimes unexpected feline facts – for instance, which country has the highest percentage of cat ownership in the world?  The answer might surprise you!
To read the exhibit text accompanying the items on display, click HERE.

The exhibit is located on the second floor of the Bristol Public Library near the circulation desk and may be viewed during the library’s normal business hours of 9 AM until 8 PM on Monday through Thursday, 9 AM until 5 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 2 PM until 5 PM on Sunday.

BHA would love to feature YOUR collection! If you have items that you would like to share for a future exhibit, or for more information about BHA’s Library Exhibit program, please email

History for Sale!

BHA is honored to offer for sale to the public a number of rare Virginia Intermont College mementos.  These are the last vestiges of "new" VI memorabilia and will be prized by collectors of VI College history as well as ever faithful and proud alums of this grand institution of higher learning.  Proceeds will be used to fund storage costs for the remainder of the VI Collection.  Quantities are limited.  Prices for each item are shown below.  To purchase items, please visit either 

Willow Creek Antiques and Collectibles at 619 State Street in Bristol, VA, or 

Believe in Bristol Headquarters at 20 Sixth Street in  Bristol, TN.

Composition Book $2.50

Silver Photo Album $25

Honors Program Bronze Medal $20

VI Lapel Pin $10

VI Cobra Cheer Horn $5

License Plate Frame $15

Cobra Folder $2
Pencil 0.50 cents
Postcards $1

VIC Picture 8x12 0.25 cents

VIC Sticker Sheets 0.25 cents

VIC Decals 0.25 cents

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Historic Sites.

History is told through the buildings and homes in a city. The Bristol Historical Association  promotes an interest in the history of Bristol by designating properties with historical significance.  A generous contribution from Mr. William W. “Bud” Walling financed the cost of the first twenty-five plaques. Much credit is due to the late Mr Walling for his vital part in the promotion of the Landmark Designation program.


Are you interested in applying for a Landmark Marker for your historical building? If so, please complete the Historical Landmark Marker Application Form. 

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